OnePlus 7 Pro

OnePlus 7 pro is a revelling smartphone brand by OnePlus. OnePlus 7 pro handset presents that OnePlus is now entered into the ultra-premium market place to satisfy the demands of its users. The flagship is an amazing revolution having a front screen with border stretches and curved edges. The display of OnePlus 7 Pro attracts customers that designed with a pop-up novel and teardrop notch. OnePlus mobiles are accepted and appreciated by customers because of the durability of software and their ultra-unique designs.


OnePlus 7 pro a fantastic bezel-free design having 6.7in QHD widescreen, 16MP selfie camera and 300,000 times tested OnePlus boasts are features that make it different and off-centric among previous OnePlus mobiles. The widescreen view of OnePlus 7 pro won an A+ grade by DisplayMate. They declare OnePlus 7 pro as the best mobile from OnePlus history.

Camera Dimensions 

Several reasons support the uniqueness of OnePlus 7 Pro like it have triple camera, 16MP wide angle lenses, 8MP- 18MP telephoto collectively provides 117o broad view. OnePlus 7 pros launched by SoC 855 Qualcomm’s Snapdragon.

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Storage and Battery Juice

The storage capacity of OnePlus 7 Pro is 256GB UFS, 18GB RAM and 3.0storage. Another consumer requested feature of OnePlus 7 pro is its extended battery life up to 4,000mAh.

OnePlus 7 Pro

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OnePlus 7 pro was a break-through launch by OnePlus having bright and glaring features. HDR10+ is also a groundbreaking feature that provides image adjustment and presents a professional view. Latest rankings from Geekbench declare OnePlus 7 pro mobiles as a fastest Android flagship smartphone used by a massive audience across the world. According to some resources OnePlus 7 pro jumps over Galaxy S10+ series regarding performance and win multi-core as well as single-core quality tests. Alongside, OnePlus 7 pro is packed with several accessories (wireless earphones Bullets, and charger that will charge 50% within 20 minutes).


Packed with astounding accessories, fastest operating software and alluring curved-edges screen OnePlus 7 pro is the company’s expensive mobile comparatively with other OnePlus mobiles. The introductory prices of OnePlus 7 pro will be £799 or £799. OnePlus 7 pro will be available on OnePlus franchise or mobile stores. Worldwide customers of OnePlus products can also access these products through online stores like OnePlus amazon products etc. OnePlus aims to give all that their customers want or expect from them. This OnePlus 7 pro will surprise the audience for sure.


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