Oppo Reno


Oppo is a fast-growing smartphone company which is progressing globally with amazing feats achieved. Oppo recently released the Oppo Reno in April 2019. The company released 4 variants of the phone.

The Oppo Reno is running on the latest 9.0 Android version with Color OS 6.0. It works with a chipset of Qualcomm Snapdragon 710(10 nm). A powerful Octacore Processor and a GPU Adreno 616.This phone is full of features. It seems to be the perfect game changer for Oppo to make a remarkable impression.

There is no notch, so the phone gives you a whopping 6.4” AMOLED screen which gives you the best experience while playing games and watching your favorite videos. The phone has an 86.8% screen to body ratio. The screen is protected by corning Gorilla glass.

The phone doesn’t have an SD card but it gives you 256 GB storage which is more than enough. The phone is very fast and unstoppable with its 6 and 8 GB RAM, which is a great offer if compared to its competition in the market. The phone provides great gaming experience as it runs smoothly even at heavy tasks.

 Out of all the popup camera designs we have witnessed nowadays, this is probably the best camera design you can find. The motorized camera is a wedge-shaped superfast pivot-rising design popup. It only takes 0.8 seconds to open. The motor works on sensors and AI quite efficiently. The motorized popup holds the 16MP front camera, flash and earpiece. The front camera takes some HD and detailed photos, entertained with a beauty mode too. The popup is very reliable as the company has guaranteed about 5 years of proper functioning.

On the back side, the phone offers its main camera. A 48 MP camera including a 13MP telephoto and 8MP ultra-wide sensor. The camera gives great detail and clarity in the pictures. It also has a dual-optical image stabilization. The camera can record videos at 4K 60fps, which is exceptional. It also has an Ultra night-mode. The camera hides within the body without any bumps, which makes it safer.

The phone has a giant 3765mAh battery which gives you tons of time to play your favorite games without interruption. It uses a 20W brick to charge at an amazing speed using its VOOC Flash charge.

The phone is a complete package overall and you’ll get it for just $522.


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